The Savor Method

Simple, Reliable French Macaron Baking Technique

Learn how to bake french macarons like a pro from Savor Patisserie’s founder and creator, Kelli Watts. Kelli breaks down her technique, The Savor Method, in 6 short, downloadable videos that will allow you to confidently learn macaron baking in the comfort of your own kitchen and at your won pace.

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Online Class Ingredients, Equipment, and Instructions Bundle

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Part 2: Dry Ingredients and Equipment

Part 3: Eggs and the Meringue

Part 5: Piping and Baking the Shells

Part 6: Filling and Storage

The Savor Method: Instructions and Recipe Card

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You will be granted to the online class instructional videos Part 1-Part 6 page on our website. Look in the order notes for the link or click here.